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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is the fourth installment of Lory Kaufman’s World of History Camp Back Story.

Congratulations to
Anne of Ontario  who has won a copy of Lory Kaufman's World of History Camp's The Lens and the Looker!  See the simple entry at the bottom of this post. 

This is the fourth installment of Lory Kaufman’s World of History Camp Back Story.
The Lens and the Looker and The Bronze and the Brimstone.   In addition I have interviewed Lory.   I enjoyed his books and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that he is making history palatable to young people.   Lory and I have emailed back and forth and he has been kind enough to allow me to “plumb the depths” of how he created his World of History Camp.    Please note that I have no financial relationship with Lory, nor do I reap any benefits from posting his back story.   I am making these posts because as a reader and an author I find the novel building process interesting and informative and I hope you will too.   Plus you have the opportunity to garner a FREE book.  (more on that later)

The World of History Camp Population Is Fictional?
Think about this, the posts about The World of History Camp are explaining a fictional world and society, by definition it is made up!

     “Alright already, Lory,” you’re saying. “Get to the part where you tell us why you had your committee of elders pick 300 million as the number of people that should be on the planet.”  Okay, here’s how I came to that very specific number . . .
I made it up.
     No, no, no! Don’t go away! Don’t click the website shut! Please?
    Okay, thanks for staying with me. Let me explain.
     The 300 million figure in some ways seems high, in relation to humans historical numbers on the planet (the one million figure for 100,000 years before agriculture), and low compared to human, historical memories, (seven billion in only 10,000 years, and growing) but suffice it to say, the fictitious 22nd-century elders factored in that if humans could use technology to keep humans quality of life style high, but also have as the criteria for technology that it must be designed to make a small footprint on the Earth’s ecology, then a much higher number of humans could survive. The reality is, the number could be five hundred million or it could be two million. After all, this is just a fiction. But, hey, I’d love to hear from people what they think our human numbers should be – – and why.

This is a short post but it was the most logical spot for a break. Feel free to make comments, I am sure Lory is following these posts and he is serious about soliciting opinions. 

Remember there will be a giveaway for each and every post.  That’s a FREE book for each section of Lory Kaufman’s back story.   Did I mention it is a FREE book?
How do you qualify for a FREE book?
Fine Print

Simply read the post and fill out the form below.   Each entry will be assigned a number and those numbers will be input into a random number generator to choose the winner.  I will email the winner.  The winner’s address will be sent to Lory Kaufman who will be sending out the autographed books.   If you have a specific name or nickname you wish the autograph to mention, please submit it with the form.   Each winner will be announced at the posting of the next segment of Lory Kaufman’s back story.   No purchases necessary and your email address will not be given to anyone else.
 The next post will be December 9th  when the winner of this month’s book will be announced.   As an additional incentive for those of you who are actually reading the entire post, if you comment on any of my blog posts throughout the month I will input an additional entry to the contest.

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