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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Shattered Vine by Laura Anne Gilman

Jerzy, the apprentice Vineart, accepts the changes the magic has made in him and realizes the needs his friends have met.

The rogue Vineart makes his move to control the known world.   His despicable brand of magic has successfully created chaos in his major foes.   Jerzy and his small band are the only obstacle in his insidious way.

Strange bedfellows perhaps best describe this third book in a marvelous trilogy.   Ms. Gilman has portrayed a very stratified society where everyone knows their place and contentedly remains in that place.   This final book shows that no matter how it turns out, society’s stratification and stagnation is going to end.  

Jerzy struggles with his growing power and fights the lure of maniacal magic.   In spite of the way things have always been, he also has the dawning awareness that companions and their accompanying loyalty not only improve his chances for success but alleviate his loneliness.  

The series wraps up in a very satisfying manner with the loose ends tied off and the main characters reunited.   I was more than impressed with how Ms. Gilman grew the character of Jerzy and how she so thoroughly crafted a way of life centered around vineyards, grapes and magic.   I have, on occasion, found a magical Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio none of which have imbued me with a more than temporary euphoria.  They certainly didn’t fuel the imaginative creativity of a society based on the grape. 

I strongly recommend the book and I highly recommend the entire series!
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