Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spectres by Nate Kenyon

A titanic clash of psionic powers as Ghost meet Spectres in this action packed story based on the StarCraft science-fiction real-time strategy game. 

Nova Terra is a complex character who is beginning to question her allegiance to an empire of questionable value.  Her own personal standards of loyalty conflict with her emotional turmoil and intellectual prowess.   Combine this personal angst with enough action to satisfy the most demanding reader and you have a book that is sure to be a success.  

This book is not just for StarCraft fans.   I did play StarCraft and perhaps that impacted my perception of the book but I feel you can read and enjoy this book as a stand alone.  You need not to have played or even heard of StarCraft to enjoy the book.

I recommend it. 

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