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Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Interview with The Darkness author, Crystal Connor

1.) Why did you write this book?  What initiated this particular burst of creativity?
I'm not sure I would call it a burst, its more like a slow steady burn. The Darkness started out as a short story that I kept going back to until eventfully it grew up to be not only a whole book, but the 1st book in a trilogy.

2.) Do you have a favorite character in the book and if so why? 
Wow, no one has asked me that question and its a good one! I really like all the characters in the book even the extra's.  
The only time that I ever had an issue with a character I've created was with a shorty story featured in the anthology called Strange Tales of Horror put out by NorGus Press called The Monster. The lead in that story really made me angry because she did all the wrong things and it cost her in the end. 

3.) What do you like the most about writing?
I write fiction so for the most part I just get to make stuff up so I just have a blast in creating insane situations, strong power women and mega villains. I always cheer for the bad guy so creating villains of my own is pretty awesome!

4.)Where do your new story ideas come from?
Everywhere. It could be just a part of a overheard conversation, or something I read in a book or the things that are said to me. The more I write the more inspiration I get.   

5.) What advice has helped the most in your writing?
That's an awesome question because so many people have so much to say and not all of it is nice, I think the best advice I've got was to 'just write' because there is no right or wrong way to tell a story

6.) This seems to be your first book, do you have something new in the works/is this the first book of a series?
Yes, The Darkness is book one in the Spectrum Trilogy, book 2 is in the reworking phase now and should be on the market in Dec, and I am currently working on two short stories that will go in my anthology "...And They All Lived Happily Ever After."

9.) Who is your favorite author and why?
No Answer

8.) What advice would you give for the want to be writer?
My advice would be  you need to learn the difference between constructive criticism and when someone is just being mean, and to know when the constructive criticism is not useful to your story. You're not going to be able to please everyone and you shouldn't even try. Just have fun and write a really good story.

Thank you for the interview!

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