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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Etched In Bone by Adrian Phoenix

This is the fourth book of Heather Wallace and her vampire lover series.

This is the fourth book of the series and the biggest fault I find with it is a lack of a clear back story.   It jumps right into the action and that is fine but you are left scratching your head over who is who and whether they are good or evil.  That isn’t really clear in the book.   It is another segment of the overworked vampire genre that seems well done but redundant considering the astounding number of vampire books currently on the market.

I liked Heather’s character but not Annie’s so much.   They had a rather bizarre relationship with their father.   Good action, typical far fetched vampire antics abound.  I guess how I differentiate between fantasy and vampire books are that vampire books are often set in contemporary society with the addition of the occult.   Fantasy is often set in a totally fictional environment.  I find the totally fictional environment easier to identify with, rather than vampires at the bus stop. 
I guess I’m just not enthralled overall with vampire books. 

I think if I had read the previous three books, I would have liked this book a great deal better.  

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