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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? By Max Brallier

This is a pick your own ending zombie disaster story.

Zombie stories seem to have created their own niche.   The last zombie story review I wrote got some of the more vehement comments when I said I wasn’t fond of zombie stories.   I’m still not fond of zombie stories but I try and keep an open mind.  

This book is billed as a pick your own ending for adults story.   I guess some adults will read it but I suspect it will be more of the teen age guy crowd than your run of the mill adult.  

I admire the ability to set up the convoluted turn to this or that page in these types of stories.   Technically this book is quite sound.   I found the characterization minimal at best.   The characters were like cell phone photos compared to 14mb 1200dpi images, not a lot of depth and washed out features. 

It is an amusing read and one that you can pick up and put down easily.   There is very little captivation.  It reads like a video game and most likely will capture a portion of serious gamers.  Look at the success of Call of Duty’s zombie section.  With that said, again it seems like the book is focused on the young video gaming male and frankly that is a good thing.   If you provide a book that is themed to their taste they will read.   Getting young guys to read can be difficult so if this genre succeeds then kudos to the author.    The zombie theme guarantees it will have a rabid and voracious following so it will no doubt succeed admirably in it’s niche.

I recommend it, particularly for your reading resistant gamer.

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