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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Colony by John M. Davis

This is a short story taking place sometime after interstellar colonization.   The colony distress beacon triggers and a squad of Earth Defense Marines is sent to investigate.
The characters are stereo typical Marines.   If you know anything about Marines is they have a "tude".   That "tude" serves them well as if you believe you are the ultimate fighting machine then you will strive to prove that fact.   The Marines in this story do just that.  They prove they are tough and they are courageous.

The emotions and philosophy of the story are laudable.   The characters are a bit thin on detail and depth.   The plot is action filled and the enemy is implacable and unresponsive to communication.

The story is short, it is action filled and it concludes with philosophic advice.

I enjoyed it.

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