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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb by MJA Ware

This book details the interaction of a teenager boy and girl and some horrid, disgusting zombies.
Nate and Missy’s adventures are utterly preposterous and imminently entertaining. Their relationship is refreshing and contrary to what is normally presented in teenage literature. The relationship should resonate with “real” teenagers who most frequently do not resemble the cast of Twilight.
The action was well done and graphic without the overtones of reality. This book was a treat to read and I will follow up with a post of what my thirteen associate has to say as he really is in the target market demographic. The book poses no intellectual challenge nor does it demand any moral attachment, it is entertaining and fun to read and frankly teens need to have something fun to read.
This is an excellent addition to the YA genre.
I highly recommend the book.
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