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Sunday, April 22, 2012

In The Lion’s Mouth by Michael Flynn

This is the third book in a series. In my opinion it did not stand alone well. Shellie, one of my favorite bloggers, disagrees with me. (See opposing view point.) I suggest reading the first two, The January Dancer and then Up Jim River before reading this book. Donovan, the protagonist, seems to be a key piece in the Spiral Arm politics. The black ops teams of the Confederation and the League each hope to use him for their own ends. 

I was never able to get into this book. I suspect that a better back story would have allowed my interest to be piqued. I found the characters and their put upon dialects confusing. Again, I blame this on not having read the prior two books. The plot apparently spans the three books and more books are supposedly forthcoming.
Donovan’s multiple personalities were the most interesting aspect of the book. It is a scenario that would seem to be a major plus for a black op agent. 

The black op talents were interesting as was the premise that if the “boots” (regular military) became involved it would be a disaster for all. The Hounds and the Shadows each perceived themselves as elite, surgically precise solutions to political difficulties.

I suspect readers of the first two books will be happy with this book. 

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