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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dome City Blues by Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards generally writes military fiction. Dome City Blues is his first entry into science fiction. In a ruined earth people of the population lives in Domes to protect themselves from the environment that they have ruined. A grieving former private detective rediscovers his life.
My only hope is that Jeff Edwards continues to write science fiction. I consider this a stellar first effort. His character, David Stalin, was developed as an eminently likable human being with demonstratable flaws. His hopes and fears were realistic and generated an empathetic read.
Edwards did an excellent job or training dystopian future dominated by corporations. When David left the domes you could almost feel the itch in your throat and burning your eyes from the polluted atmosphere.
The plot was intricate and complex without being confusing. Edwards did a great job in masking the true villain and keeping your interest until the end of the story. There's plenty of action and in some cases depraved morality but the protagonist demonstrates positive morals and ethics.
I certainly hope this won't be the last science fiction we see from Jeff Edwards because I are truly enjoyed it.
I highly recommend it.
Body of work of Jeff Edwards
Web Site:http://navythriller.com/books
Although this site seems to only have his Navy thriller books on it.

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