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Monday, October 10, 2011

Congratulation to Cameron of Pine Valley CA on Winning Flesh & Fire Book #1 In the Vineart War

Congratulations to Cameron of Pine Valley CA

To the rest of you who were so kind to enter, I’m sorry you did not win a copy of the book this time.
My form puts your name into a spreadsheet.  I take the number of your spreadsheet line and input all the numbers in a random number generator and it picks one number.
I do not delete your name so you will have 4 more chances to win.
If you come back and fill out the form again, it will give you another chance.
Thank you for reading my blog and check back often I have two other giveaways in October.  The Lens and the Looker on Dwarf and Nettie Parker’s Backyard on Pick of the Literate.
Thank you again for reading and if you are into kids books, please check out my books at my website and Amazon, they have gotten good reviews.
Have a wonderful week!


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