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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Egyptian by Layton Green

Dominic Grey and Viktor are back.   Grey has accepted a position  with Viktor to be his investigator into strange phenomena.   A meeting in a graveyard, murder and bandage wrapped figures combine with the fable of eternal life to draw both Viktor and Dominic into trouble.

As in the Summoner, Dominic Grey is certainly not the white knight but a more believable, emotionally conflicted hero.   He appears to be a man with a moral compass that is undeterred by legal and illegal restraints.  While he is not exactly likeable he is admirable.  

Viktor is a mysterious, international, professorial enigma.   His character was shrouded in mystery.   Jax is a bit of an enigma, a bit player who is too well developed not to be seen in future books.  

As in the Summoner, Grey finds himself tangled with a woman who is not his type, what ever that may be.   So there is some sexual tension and romanticism as well as plenty of action.   I think Layton Green has carved a niche in the world of books that he can fill with many more Dominic Grey books.  

BTW I read this book on my Droid X using the FBReader from Geometer Plus free application. 

I highly recommend the book.

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