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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rogue Oracle by Alayna Williams

A story plucked out of today’s disasters and leavened with a touch of mysticism. 

The recent tsunami and resultant nuclear meltdowns were particularly poignant as I read this book.   News commentator’s comparisons to Chernobyl were particularly frightening.   Stories with a grain of truth often ring more clearly to a reader.  

Tara Sheridan’s oracle skills were brand new to me as her use of a Tarot deck.   I haven’t read any of Alayna Williams books before but I intend to remedy that oversight.   The plot was intricate with out unnecessary nuances.  

I think a chapter to fill in the back story would have been helpful to understand who Tara was and what was involved wither relationships with Harry and Carrie.

The two Steves added some humor and lightened up what was otherwise a pretty scary semi-occult book. 

I recommend the book.

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