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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Kill Society: A Sandman Slim Novel by Richard Kadrey

The last time I reviewed a Sandman Slim novel I got all kinds of negative comments for not rating it the best book that has ever been written.   Kadrey has some very vocal and I have to assume very young rabid fans from the more virulent comments.   However, I call them as I sees them.   Jim Stark is now below Hell and expected to help the Magistrate fulfill his holy quest.

The book is rife with the requisite violence and profaneness in both the verbal and spiritual sense.   Nothing, I repeat nothing is sacred.  If you are easily offended this not the book for you.  It does seem to appeal to the fans of Grindhouse types of entertainment. 

Jim/Lucifer/the monster who kills monsters has a code of honor and while it would be a stretch to say a heart of gold, he does have some redeeming moral values. 

This is a strange mix of hoodoo magic, hellion stuff, wise cracking angels and guns and ammo.   The good guys are not so good and the bad guys are worse.  

I enjoyed the book but then I have eclectic tastes.

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web site: http://richardkadrey.com/slim-series/

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