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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lotus Blue By Cat Sparks

Sometime in a very dystopian future in a world devastated by war, a nomad caravan is crossing a desolate plain.   Star, despite being in a dystopian future, is a stereotypical teenager.  She resents authority, she avoids work and responsibility and longs for a luxurious future.   A series of unfortunate events leads to her being on her own and tasked to save the world.

Star is the main protagonist but she has supporting characters that change through the book.  A Templar warrior is one of the few characters that roam all the pages of the story.  He is a cyborg, specifically created to fight and is possibly hundreds of years old.  The world had nearly self-destructedold tech to sell to the cities.
with wars that destroyed nearly all the infrastructure. Some subterranean cities survived as well as surface dwellers who scavenge for

I don't know that the author intended the story to be a cautionary tale about AI but the surviving weapons intend to continue fighting regardless of human overwatch.  

This was a good adventure.

Web:  https://catsparks.net/

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