Monday, February 13, 2017

Unveiled by Ruth Vincent

This is a Changling P.I. novel.  Mabily Jones is out of place in New York.  Of course she is out of place anywhere in our world.   Mab is an Elf.  She has been stranded in the mundane world and must find some way to support herself.   This is the second story in the series.  Mab is now a private investigator.   She is shocked to find a cross over between one of her cases and her previous life.  

Obadiah is back but the tension is gone from the relationship and they seem to be a happy couple.  Obahdiah is suffering from withdrawal type symptoms that Mab is convinced is tied to the world of Faery.  

Someone or something is sucking the life out of young women and Mab is determined to stop it.  This leads to a trip to see her mother which is far more difficult to achieve than the norm and involves sharp instruments.

Elves are often portrayed as laudable characters in touch with nature.  Ms.Vincent sees elves in a different, novel way.   The story has action and romance. 

I recommend it.

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