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Friday, January 13, 2017

Last Best Day by Jeff Somers

This is a novella from the Ustari Cycle.   The story is of Lem and Mags.   Magic is produced by gas which is created by blood letting.   Most magic users bleed others to get the gas they need to make magic.  Lem and Mags do not believe in using the blood of others.  Lem is highly principled and Mags is not functioning at full throttle.

Mags is depicted as a very large character who is kept in check and watched over by Lem.   Lem is kidnapped and the story is based on how Mags wants to help.

Blood mages are pretty despicable and the author does nothing to change that impression.  The best of the bunch is pretty deplorable.

It was a good story, reasonable character development overall and deep character development of Mags.  

I enjoyed it.

Web:   http://www.jeffreysomers.com/

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