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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Castaway Odyssey by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor

An interstellar voyage is cut short by a massive drive failure leading to the automatic jettisoning of the life boats.  This story tells how the mismatched survivors of the tragedy fare.

This may not be labeled young adult but it is a good young adult story.  There is tension and drama but it is of moderate intensity suitable for a younger reader.   Sgt. Campbell was a laudable adult figure that appeared practically flawless.  Sadly there are very few real flawless folks.   The kids on the lifeboat were all awesome.  Having spent some time in classrooms from K-4yr college as an instructor, I never had a more adaptable and competent group of kids.  Ones and two's but a whole group defies the imagination. 

One incident of xenophobia was very realistic and based on learned behavior so it actually made sense and the individual dealing with it was unnaturally aware of the root of his phobia. 

Reading this my comments appear to be overly critical but I did like the story.  I think many adults would find it far too tame but for a younger reader I highly recommend it.  It reminds me of the hopeful, inclusive, optimistic stories I read in the early 50's. (that is decade not age.)

Web:  Eric Flint: http://www.ericflint.net/
Ryk E. Spoor : http://grandcentralarena.com/

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