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Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Wrong Dead Guy by Richard Kadrey

When I read The Everything Box  I ranked it as one of the stranger books I have read and I have read a lot of books.  It was a bizarre mix of Dresden files and Hitchhiker Guide with a leavening of Stainless Steel Rat humor.   A magically immune crook who is ratted out by a colleague ends up saving the world is the premise of that book.   The same cast of characters led by Coop, the magically immune crook, is trying to capture a world threatening mummy in this book.

Kadrey also writes the very successful Sandman Slim books.   So far the only one of those I have read was The Perdition Score.  I was thoroughly lambasted for suggesting the need for some back story by a couple of Sandman Slim fan boys.  Their conjecture was read them all and you don't need a back story.   Obviously but when you don't have that opportunity you deal with each book as to  how well it stands alone. This book provided minimal back story but still stood alone quite well.  

The preposterous plot and over the top sarcastic humor will be highly appealing to a group of readers.  For me, it was just over the top and I had to force myself to finish it.  The Stainless Steel Rat series was humorous without pandering, it was more thoughtful humor than slapstick.  Kadrey has enormous talent but again, to me, it appears he works to hard to be funny.  

Web site: http://richardkadrey.com/books-2/

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