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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Librarians and the Lost Lamp by Greg Cox

Apparently the Librarians is a TV series.  This book is based on that TV series.  The book isn't labeled as YA but I would classify it as a young adult read.  It is pretty simplistic in it's characterizations and superficial in a lot of ways.   The gist of the plot is that the Librarians are tasked with safeguarding mystical and magical books and relic.   The particular relic in this book is Aladdin's lamp.   The Librarians and the Forty Thieves of legend are competing in the quest to find the powerful relic.

The plot is ok in the book and it does have plenty of action.  You need to suspend all disbelief to get into the story.   It has it's moments but it does read like a TV script. 

Overall it was a fun read but not in the least captivating however the author is make far more money on his work than I am on mine so draw your own conclusions.

web: http://www.gregcox-author.com/

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