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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This is a collection of stories, some not so short, set in Sanderson's Shard Worlds.
Once again I will lament over the fact that here is another excellent author whose work has escaped my radar.  In all fairness to my self, I try not to be obsessive in my reading and I try to have something in my life besides books.  Grand kids, wives, family all intrude upon reading 24/7.   So maybe not knowing Sanderson's work isn't a major faux pax.   I am not normally fond of collections, I like meaty, full throttle books.  This book however surprised me and I really enjoyed it.   Describing the work is difficult, particularly when there is reference to the full books with which the short stories are connected.

The Emperor's Soul was sufficiently long to really get into it.   Sanderson provided the necessary character complexity to be able to relate to the Forger.  She became alive and thus well worth following.  The story stood alone quite well.  

The Hope of Elantris was good but not as satisfying.   It stood alone OK but did not provide enough depth.

Reviewing a book of short stories does not mean reviewing each story in the book.   Some of them stood alone quite well and others really could use more length to make them appealing.

Overall I really enjoyed the book and will seek out Sanderson's full works.

I liked the interludes between stories that provided a look into the author's psychic.

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