Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To Sail A Darkling Sea By John Ringo

Ringo brings his experienced voice to the Zombie genre.   I was a bit surprised as he is so well established and regarded I didn't think he would want to jump on the over worked Zombie genre.   Zombies have taken over everything but a few ships at sea.   A virus has created them and a few people seem to have natural immunity and some have been vaccinated.   This book is about Wolf Squadron, a family dominated militia type of navy that is attempting to rescue survivors and eventually re-take the world.

The Zombies are pretty typical mindless eating creatures.   Ringo does write a good story and populates it with very strong female protagonists.   I enjoyed the way he contrasted the militia type mentality with the professional military mind set.   His women kick butt.   The story has places where it flounders a bit but overall an entertaining and action packed read.

I recommend the book.

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