Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Antiagon Fire by L.E. Modesitt, jr

This is a continuation of the Imager Portfolio.   This is the 7th volume.  Vaelora has a larger role in this book.  As Quaeryt’s wife, she often seems to ride in the back of the bus but in this book, she often is the more influential of the couple.   She and Quaeryt are tasked to bring Khel into the fold with as little fighti
ng as possible.   This task is complicated by Antiagon.

Quaeryt’s seemingly inexhaustible vitality is challenged again.   His philiosphic approach to the goals that Bhayar has sent him to accomplish leads to even more challenges.  Modesitt does a nice job in keeping his protagonists goal centric.   You are reminded that the immediate goal may not be as important as it seems in the scheme of the larger goal of providing a safe haven for scholars and imagers.

Modesitt also portrays different types of governmental structure and the consequences quite well.  If I still taught sociology or economics, I would be tempted to use some of these books to illustrate social and economic responses based on types of government. 

As I have said in previous reviews, the common thread in Modesitt’s stories is the lone soul fighting for self identity and protection of a minority in a harsh world. 

I highly recommend all his books.  

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