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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dark Jenny by Alex Bledsoe

Eddie  LaCrosse may be my new favorite character.   Alex Bledsoe has crafted a great believable hero.  This installment of a terrific series has Eddie caught up in a war of secessions in a Camalot type of island.

Foibles are what make Eddie so believable.  He gets hurt, he isn't always right and he is not invincible.   When he hits someone in the head with his hand, his hand is injured as well as the face he it.  Regardless of unlikely scenarios, a believable hero makes for a much more interesting story.  

Bledsoe also makes it clear that war and the ensuing mayhem are dreadful.   He doesn't glorify violence and makes sure his characters say true to form.

The Eddie LaCrosse series is fun to read, engages you and even  makes you do some philosophic pondering. 

I highly recommend both the book and the series. 
The next in line is  The Wake of the Bloody Angel, which I also loved.

I highly recommend it too.

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