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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Loved and The Lost by Lory S. Kaufman

This book is the culmination of the Verona Trilogy.   I suspect we will see more adventures featuring History Camp.  Hansum, Shamira and Lincoln, The trio of pending juvenile delinquents are back and more mature.   This book summarizes their attempts to remedy the past from their previous mistakes in history. 

The more mature characters are a result of the stresses on their lives generated by the previous adventures.  The political aspects of time travel are given a cursorily look in this book as well. This book was truly a wrap up book and I would recommend reading The Lens and the Looker and The Bronze and the Brimstone prior to reading this book.  The background will enhance your enjoyment and is well worth it. 

Once again, Mr. Kaufman’s has hit the mark.   This book is very entertaining and captivating while showing the gritty realities of previous centuries.   This is possibly a very sneaky way of introducing real history.  Having taught history I always was dismayed how difficult it was to get kids excited about it.   Mr. Kaufman is providing a dose of history disguised as just fun reading. 

I highly recommend the book. 

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