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Monday, March 4, 2013

Spellwright by Blake Charlton


It is always refreshing to see a new take on fantasy.   This book focuses on the magic ability to use proper sentence structure to alter reality.   The protagonist is effectively dyslexic and suffers in a culture that demands perfection in the interests of safety. 

One of the more telling aspects of the story is that the author is dyslexic.   He has used his familiarity with the condition to craft a unique tale.  I Nicodemus Weal is portrayed as having enormous potential made unreachable due to his tendency to mis-spell spells.   His spells often go awry sometimes with dramatic consequences. 

The characters are fleshed out with suitable color and foibles.   The scene is beautifully crafted to the point where you can see the spires touch the sky.   

I really enjoyed the premise, it reminded me somewhat of  computer code writing and the ill that can occur with a single misspelled line.  

I recommend the book. 

Web Site: http://www.blakecharlton.com/

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