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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks

Another tale of Shannara with familiar settings and some what familiar characters on a quest.

This book describes a quest by the Ard Rhys of the Druids in a search for the long missing Elfstones.   The Elfstones were lost in the past and their powerful magic could swing the balance of power for whoever finds them.   The Druids feel that they are the only impartial power that can keep the Elfstones from being used for evil.

Politics seem to play a part in every book I have read recently.  The Druids are distrusted by the humans and the elves.   The Druids who are elves are shunned by their community.  The struggle for power seems to be the main theme of the book.  

The characters were not as memorable as I recall Shannara characters.  There was potential in the Ohmsfords, Aphenglow, Bombax and Cymrian.   None of them were fleshed out to the point where they will be remembered as clearly as Shea Ohmsford.  

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