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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Third Lynx by Timothy Zahn

Frank Compton, our government whistle blower is back.   He has discovered who he really works for and continues his campaign against the Modhri. 

The concept of the Quadrail and it’s interconnection of galactic empires is an excellent basis for the series plot.  Frank Compton’s co-opting of his employer’s prerogatives and his outspoken and conspicuous behavior gets him into trouble, again.

There is an evolving, albeit glacially slow, relationship with Bayta.   Bayta as Frank’s reluctant and naive sidekick plays a good counterpoint to his impulsiveness.  Bayta is also starting to display “normal” human responses much to her own dismay.

Recurring characters add both villains and allies to this eclectic mix of aliens and classic train mystery story.

The series is growing on me and I enjoyed this book more than the last.

I recommend it.    

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