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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Familiar Stranger - A Paranormal Romance (The Order of the Black Swan) by Victoria Danann

Arrgghh!  I have frequently stated I will never read or review anything in the Romance genre.  Once again NEVER isn’t really never.  Hopefully it is the scent of scifi or the paranormal part that attracted me as opposed to getting in touch with my feminine side.  The main protagonist is Elora a young woman from an alternate dimension thrust into a different world.   Her coping with “hunky” men and all the differences provide the plot motivation. 

Not having read much romance, I have to assume that it is SOP to paint detailed characters.   After all if you are going to have people loving and lusting it is nice to know their motivation.  Ms. Danann does a nice job on her characterizations.   Being a sap for long lustrous hair (most likely due to my own lack there of) I could almost see Elora’s hair.  

Ms. Danann apparently has a more forgiving editor than I have as she does move around from first person to third person a bit.  However since I frequently do that in the same paragraph, I did not find it disturbing.

The environment was nicely done, with good details to provide a suitable setting for the main show of human interaction.   Setting the stage for interpersonal relations is often dismissed as an aside.   In a story with so many complex feelings it is nice to see some time was spent setting the stage.

As annoying as I find it, I like the book.  It was a good mix of scifi, urbanish fantasy and sigh, romance.   As an added bonus it was only $.99 at Amazon.

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