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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poseidon’s Children by Michael West

This book is a bit difficult to characterize.  It is a thriller but it has science fiction overtones and perhaps urban fantasy with Children of the Corn and Al Capone.   Archeologist trying to establish the whereabouts of Atlantis encounter a current situation that jeopardizes their lives and mental well being.

I’m not terrible thrilled with the first paragraph and its run on sentence but bear with me.   Mr. West crafted both a thought provoking story and a tense, action packed runaway.   You can get caught up in the action and miss the contemplation of how little we know of the bulk of our earthly environment, the seas.  

Interesting characters abound in this book.  You have archeologists, artists, authors, gangsters, psychopaths, the Coast Guard and shape changers.  West does a good job crafting each player and making them believable.   The story is colorful, entertaining and well plotted.   There is something for every reader and the story provides fodder for every imagination.

I really enjoyed this book.

I highly recommend.  

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