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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Calley’s War By John Ringo & Julie Cochrane

This book is by my count the 6th of the Posleen War series.  We have been introduced to Calley in the early books in her role as a child.  Calley is no longer a child!

This book would be a good read as a stand alone but it would be confusing.   It is a better read if you go in the order they were released.   The politics of the post-Posleen invasion are confusing at best and incomprehensible at worse.  

With that said, there is more action, violence, torture and mayhem than you can shake whatever your weapon may be at.  It was a fun read, yikes!   Fun used after those previous words may indicate a need for therapy.   Oh well, I still enjoyed the book.

I recommend the book.

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Body of work of <a type="amzn"> Julie Cochrane </a>

Post-Posleen Adventures

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