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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dream of legends by Stephen Zimmer

This is book two of the Fires in Eden series. Forces of the good All Father are facing the Unifiers dreaded minions. Help from a surprising source provides hope and leads to the next book in the series.

Stevens Zimmer is crafting an epic fantasy. The book is practically overwhelming in its scope and detail. I found it difficult to keep track of the good guys and bad guys. Zimmer does a very good job showing that opponents are not necessarily evil. Zimmer colorfully depicts the frustration of the warriors on both sides of this extraordinarily broad conflict.

I find the patience exhibited by Gunther borders on unbelievable, considering the ill conceived behavior of his other world guests. Erin in particular is flat out annoying.

The scope of this book and the multitude of characters demands a high level of concentration when reading. This isn't a beach Book. Zimmer the depicts scenes and characters in such detail that it is practically over whelming. In some ways the book is like a visit to Baskin and Robbins. The number of flavors is overwhelming. There are so many characters and scenario's it is easy to get lost. However if you're looking for a rich an florid fantasy this book should meet your needs.

This is the 2nd book in a series and details the initial battles of a cataclysmic clash between good and evil.

I recommend the book.

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