Friday, January 14, 2011

Water Wars by Cameron Stracher

Global warming leads to a world without fresh water. The conflict between those who have water and those who don’t is featured in this dismal future world.

This book paints a very depressing picture of the future. I found myself refilling my ubiquitous glass of water far more frequently as I read it. Vera and Will’s sibling relationship was endearing. Kia was the mysterious stranger. I enjoyed the fact that the author was able to portray such a dusty, parched future environment while demonstrating the resiliency of human nature.

The book abounds with villains from water pirates, drillers, demented environmental activists, lock stepping capitalists to slavers. Loyalty, perseverance and ingenuity characterize the protagonists.

The book is purported to be young adult oriented but I’m not sure it should be limited to kids. There is a clear message about greed and green that should be heard by all.

I highly recommend the book.

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