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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Choosers of the Slain by John Ringo

Politics and black mail fuel the action in this Ringo follow up to the Kildar. Mike is at it again, facing daunting odds with ambivalence in his heart but courage and fire in his action. Hookers are being snuffed and it is impacting his people and the politics of his world.

Ringo dives in were fools fear to tread. He attacks the structure of Albanian prostitution but in essence he attacks the forcible implementation of the entire industry. According to Wikipedia Albania is known for being a major player in human trafficking. Mike Harmon and his Mountain Tigers expose a sordid business and out guns, out fights and just is more ruthless than the bad guys. He takes them on in a no holds barred manner.

Meantime back in Georgia (not the USA Georgia), Mike is developing brewing to improve the living conditions of his Keldara. In some ways you have to wonder if John Ringo’s tactics in nation building (microcosm) and terrorist eradication aren’t far superior to what is actually occurring.

This is not a book for kids, the sex is rough and often explicit but it fits with the plot of the book.

I recommend this book.

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