Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sacrifice by Dakota Banks

The young mother from Dark Time returns. Her quest to bring the demons down continues, complicated by her ambivalent love triangle. Her new mortality is impacting her morality. She faces both internal and external conflict in her ongoing quest.

As I noted in my review of Dark Time, the revoking of her ageless infallibility and her now more credible skill set helps in creating a more believable and likeable Maliha. I find her struggle with the changes she has undergone to make her a more believable character. The skill set she lost needs to be affirmed by the satisfaction of balancing her scale. The conflict between delayed gratification and immediate gratification is one faced by most people on a daily basis. It gives Maliha depth.

In Bank’s cynical, harsh world tragedy and violence abound. This is an action filled dark urban fantasy.

I recommend the book.

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