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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day By Day Armageddon, Beyond Exile by J.L. Bourne

When I read Bourne's first book I was surprised to discover there is a Zombie story genre. This is the 2nd  Zombie story in his series.   It, too,  seems to attract a loyal following.  Once again the  protagonist is an active duty military officer in a nation that is combating an unknown disease. The disease turns out to be Zombieism (?) and the bulk of the world is infected. This continuing story centers on the survival of the few remaining uninfected humans.

I mentioned my initial reaction to the first book  was disdain. Zombies have never caught my attention. Bourne wrote the story as if it was a journal. He did a nice job capturing the qualities of the protagonist that enabled him to be a survivor. I was surprised that I liked the book.  It held my attention and if you changed the word Zombie to evil bikers or Nazi’s it seemed like just a good story. The action was solid and the close brushes with death seemed realistic. I still have trouble with the concept of Zombies but then there are probably some poor souls out there who have trouble conceptionalizing a dragon or troll.

This book continues the story and adds new characters.  The book has an authentic feel too it, complete with sketches and mis-spellings.  It really feels like a journal.  I liked this second volume too and as I said on the first review, ignore the label of A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel and read this book as a war journal, it was surprisingly good and I recommend it.

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