Friday, June 11, 2010

Victory Conditions By Elizabeth Moon

Arrgghh, the series is over. I loved this series. My only complaint is there doesn’t appear to be any sequels scheduled. Ky Vatta and Rafe wrap up the action in this book.

Things come together in a big way in this book. Ky gets her ships, Rafe discovers unplumbed depths to a family member and Aunt Grace stops making fruitcakes. The character interaction is what allows Elizabeth Moon’s books to excel. You find yourself captivated by characters and immersed in their action. The pirate commander was almost a caricature of evil. Justice is served both cheerfully and ruthlessly. Young love is supported and life is rosy. Moon doesn’t hesitate to terminate characters with prejudice so you are always a bit uneasy at the conclusion of a series wondering if your favorite will survive.
I highly recommend the book.

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