Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden finds one of his staunchest supporters family is in danger. As a new Warden he finds his distaste for the way the White Council handles dissidents. When Michael’s daughter finds her snagged in Council and Fairy politics, Harry finds himself over his head again.

Butcher causes Harry to question his value system in each and every book. Soul searching seems to be a hallmark. Insurmountable odds and monumental tasks are also in each book. In spite of a similar formula, I have really enjoyed each book. Why would you ever get tired of deep, rich, yummy chocolate cake anymore than you would the Dresden files. Harry’s emotional fragility in his personal relationships and his inability to recognize how much he is respected contribute to his likeability. You see a slow maturation of Harry Dresden as the series proceeds. I highly recommend the entire series. You will be seeing more as I have finally purchased all the ones that have currently been printed.

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