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Monday, January 30, 2017

Alien Morning by Rick Wilber

This is a very novel first contact novel.  The main protagonist is a washed up athlete trying to jump start a new career utilizing cutting edge first person view equipment.  He finds himself as an unwitting spokesperson for an alien entity.

Wilber provided a very good plot with lots of character details.   The idea of alien conquest is hardly new but the acquisition of an entire world as a source of profit for new products is a different take than the norm. 

Our own attempts to privatize space is indicative that the profit motive may loom large in our future exploration plans.  Competition can be brutal and casualties may result in aggressive competition particular if fueled by sibling rivalry.  However in the mind of business tycoons, collateral damage is just the cost of doing business.

This looks like it will be an excellent series.

web: http://rickwilber.typepad.com/

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