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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Medallion (The Bernovem Chronicles) (Volume 3) by Victoria Simcox

I read the first volume of The Bernovem Chronicles, The Warble back in 2009.   My review link is to the reissue of the book in 2013.   This is just shy of being an epic fantasy.   The characters are colorful and due to magical manipulation their allegiances can be confusing.  

I had to brush up a bit on the story to jump into The Medallion.  The characters undergo quite a few changes in the course of the story.   Werrien is transformed in an unpleasant way into something he abhors.   James is a different person as well.  I frankly enjoyed Ivy and her dissimilar from Tinkerbell characteristics.

This is a rich and colorful fantasy that needs to be carefully read to keep track of the way the characters grow and change.

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