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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Angel City Blues by Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards generally writes military fiction.  Dome City Blues was his first entry into science fiction.  In a ruined earth people of the population lives in Domes to protect themselves from the environment that they have ruined. A grieving former private detective rediscovers his life.  In this his second SciFi, Angel City Blues,  Jeff explores nanotechnology, artificial intelligence or electronic intelligence, revenge and greed.

Edwards recently co-authored with his wife, Brenda, The Lonely Little Bumbleshoot.   Edward's breadth of talent has now spanned three genres! I  did have some difficulty encompassing the sweet, gentle nature of the Bumbleshoot within the envelope of blood, gore and weaponry I often see in Jeff's books.  I can only guess that wedded bliss has allowed him to reach out and touch his softer self. 

I, in my ever so humble opinion,  truly feel that Jeff Edwards is becoming a force to be reckoned with in multiple genres.   As I felt on finishing this book as well as Dome City Blues, my only hope is that Jeff Edwards continues to write science fiction. I consider this a stellar first effort. His character, David Stalin, was developed as an eminently likable human being with demonstratable flaws.  His hopes and fears were realistic and generated an empathetic read.  

The future as seen by Edwards is not necessarily one we hope comes to past.  It does, however, logically follow from parts of today's life.   This book had the feel of the best old detective stories and the trappings of a dystopian future.  

I highly recommend it.

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