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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

River Road by Suzanne Johnson

This is the next book in a urban fantasy coming of age of a young wizard.   It is set in post-Katrina New Orleans where boundaries have thinned between here and the beyond.  

DJ, Drusilla Jaco, is a Green Congress wizard that is finally being accorded some respect.  The influx of strangeness that occurred after Katrina has taxed the Elders and they have reluctantly appointed DJ as a Sentinel.  Alex, her partner, is a shape shifter and tasked with protecting DJ and investigating paranormal “crimes”.   Jake, Alex’s cousin, is a new shifter who is struggling with his identity and his new job as an Elder Enforcer.

There are fun characters as well, such as Jean Lafitte, the pirate.  Johnson has a great imagination and has crafted a “believable” paranormal environment.   This book deals with rifts between the Beyond and New Orleans tidal waters poisoning both paranormals and normals. 

I recommend the book.

Web sites:        http://www.suzanne-johnson.com/

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