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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Sum of Her Parts by Alan Dean Foster

 This is volume three of the Tipping Point Trilogy.  My biggest complaint is that I haven’t read the previous two books.   This is a quest for truth in a desert populated by widely varied mutants.  

Dr. Ingrid and Whispr, a meld, spend a lot of time ducking and weaving through an enormous number of adversaries.   A meld is apparently a genetically or surgically reconstructed being.   I would know for sure if I didn’t have another complaint.  That complaint would be almost a total lack of back story.   Although the book stood alone quite well, it would have been better with some back story.  For example, I would know precisely how melds are created.

The creativity Foster exhibits in his characters and plots is to be applauded.   I have read much of his work and have been uniformly pleased.   This story is no exception.   Anthropomorphism is involved and if you have read any of my posts, you are aware of how much I enjoy that.  

I really enjoyed the book, the extreme diversity and complexity of the characters and the ending which was not predictable.  

I recommend the book.  

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