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Friday, November 2, 2012

Midst Toil And Tribulation by David Weber

This is the sixth book in the Safehold series.  A planet lost from an alien intelligence that has wiped out mankind except for Safehold.  

The corrupt theocracy continues to fight to hold power.  Instigating civil war and denying all progress it still manages to trumpet it’s godliness.  

The breadth of this saga is amazing, roughly 3500 pages and more to come.   As Cayleb, Sharleyan and Merlin struggle to save enemies and friends alike, the church’s treachery goes on unabated. 

Weber’s characters are detailed and real.  He has the ability to make you loathe or love.   This ability means that you find yourself clenching your fist or wiping tears as you read his work.   My admiration is boundless for the talent needed to successfully provoke emotion. 

He does often beat the proverbial dead horse but if success is in the details then he is most successful.

I highly recommend the book .

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