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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Traitor Angel by H. David Blalock (Book 2 of the Angelkiller Triad)

This is a continuation of story of good versus evil started in Angelkiller. Angels and Demons so to speak are the main characters in this story. However they aren't the traditional Angels and Demons. It is the Army versus the Enemy with the Army being the good guys and the Enemy being the bad guys.   The world is being manipulated by the Enemy and it is up to the Army to stop them.

In some ways it would be nice to ascribe the troubles of the world to a mythical band of evil doers as the author does.   It is kind of sad that the messes we see today are self created.  However on to the story.  

The knights that appeared in the last story are still with us.   They are helping Mason’s cell of the Army.   Once again much of the action takes place in an advanced virtual reality.   This VR is so advanced that injuries sustained in the digital world can be inflicted on the physical body.  

The crew of good guys co-opt a Enemy mid-level manager and manage to inflict some damage on the Enemy.  One of their own is trapped in VR.  

The black hats versus the white hats is a common theme, less common is the reversal of roles.  Blalock does a nice job portraying a pantheon for both sides.   When you come right down to it, the series is a portrayal of the good guys against the bad.  I guess the third book will let us know who wins.  

I recommend the book.

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  1. I'm halfway through the first book and definitely hooked!

  2. It will be interesting to see how it is all tied up in the next book.
    Thanks for the comment.