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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fate of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner

I read Ringworld in the early 1970’s and frankly I know I liked it as I ranked it as an E for excellent in my book database but beside the basic premise, I don’t remember a great deal.   This book would have served me better 20 years ago.  As is it gathers together the characters from several books and a couple of series and attempts tie them together under the label of the Known Earth Series. 

Frankly I’m not sure this was a wrap up and not a precursor to a new series.   The number of variables, races, venues and philosophies strains my recollection.  I have only read 28 of Niven’s books and have uniformly enjoyed them.   Sadly I didn’t really enjoy this because I have just enough recollection of the players but have trouble remembering the game they played.  Some reviews I read stated it stands alone well, I would disagree and feel at least brushing up on the precursors would make the book more compelling.

I would recommend either going to Wikipedia and brushing up on background or tracking down all the books and reading them.
From Wikpedia:
Five prequels have been written, set in the same Ringworld universe, and written in collaboration:

I did enjoy the books when I read them and if it had been more recently I am sure I would have enjoyed this book more.   I do recommend the Niven style of creating warm, memorable characters.

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