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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blood Riders by Michael P. Spradlin

I am not sure how to classify this book.  It is a meld of Western, Steam Punk, SciFi and horror.   There are classic Steam Punk toys, cowboys and vampire like creatures populating this book.  It seems like that is too many genres crammed into one story but somehow it worked and was a very entertaining book.

Jonas Hollister was a likeable, engaging character.  Spradlin did an excellent job crafting his characters.   Hollister displays an open attitude and stubborn courage.  Chee, his mysterious multinational sidekick provides a positive counter point.  

The plot was interesting and the female protagonist, Shaniah, was soulfully captured by an “ordinary” human much to her dismay.   The action was plentiful and I enjoyed dog the dog.  This book should appeal to those who like all of the genres mentioned above.   The author sets up a series with Jonas as the lead.  It should be a very good series.

I enjoyed the book and I recommend it.

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