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Monday, January 17, 2011

Toys by James Patterson and Neil McMahon

A future ruled by enhanced beings who recognize their connection with humanity but deeply resent and fear that connection.  

This is a light weight fast read that is entertaining but not in any way intellectually challenging.   Hays is well portrayed as a confused elitist who comes to grips with his root humanity.   There is plenty of action and heroic feats.   Hays Baker, special agent, comes face to face with his worst nightmare and his unknown sister when confronting a rebellious populace.  

Perhaps requiring this book to be read by some of the wild child Hollywood stars or pro athletes would enable them to develop enough humility to avoid jail and self destruction.   It is possible though that I give more than reasonable credence to the potential for learning that we all should have.   I liked the book just as I like glazed donuts,  delicious without a great deal of substance.

I recommend the book.

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