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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Venom by Jennifer Estep

Dark, gritty urban fantasy at it’s best. I know, I said that on my Spider’s Bite review. Well this book is outstanding as well. Gin is absolutely ferocious in defense of those she loves. Her ability to take a beating is only surpassed by her willingness and ability to dish out a beating. When the entrenched villains go after her friends, Gin runs amuck.

Superficially this is just another action adventure in the urban fantasy genre. There is plenty of action and adventure but the underlying loyalty and honor are what make Jennifer Estep’s books stand out. Her characters aren’t two dimensional. She provides depth and background. The emotions and character of the cast are what gives the Spider series such appeal to me.

Overcoming daunting odds is Gin Blanco’s hallmark. A willingness to give her all for her admittedly questionable principles characterizes this extraordinarily tough woman. She depends on her physical skills with very little use of her elemental magic. Surrounded by a small cadre of stalwart friends she battles for revenge and her specific brand of justice.

Gin is not sweetness and light, she is razor wire, beautiful, sparkling in the sunshine and thoroughly deadly. Admittedly I am a fan of strong female protagonists and Jennifer Estep has graciously provided a multifaceted, butt kicking prime example.

I highly recommend this book and Spider’s Bite and Web of Lies.

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