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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Masked An Anthology edited by Lou Anders

A compendium of not quite super heroes’ short stories provides some new looks at the super hero genre.

I’m never sure how to review an anthology. It doesn’t seem realistic to try and review each short story. The common thread seems to be that super heroes are not always heroic.

Showing that super heroes may have insecurities or anger issues provides a different look than you usually see in caped crusaders. I liked the way they had feet of clay. Matthew Sturges’ “Cleansed and Set in Gold” may have had one of the more unique ways for super heroes to get their powers that I have read.

None of the stories really grabbed me and made me go Wow but they were mostly entertaining. I would suggest running out to buy it but walking out to buy it would not be unreasonable. A caveat for my review is that I am not overly fond of short stories and that, no doubt, impacts my review.

I recommend the book.

Body of work of Stephen Baxter
Body of work of Bill Willingham
Body of work of Peter David
Body of work of Kathleen David
Body of work of Mike Carey
Body of work of Mike Baron
Body of work of Mark Chadbourn
Body of work of Paul Cornell
Body of work of Daryl Gregory
Body of work of Joseph Mallozzi
Body of work of James Maxey
Body of work of Ian McDonald
Body of work of Chris Roberson
Body of work of Gail Simone
Body of work of Matthew Sturges
Body of work of Lou Anders

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